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AARP and Q&A

I am discussing another AARP article followed by a Q&A!

Immune System, Why The Confusion

Join Dr. Patrick as he discusses the confusion around the …

PCOS, Prostate, and Testosterone

Dr. Patrick as he explains what PCOS, prostate and testosterone …

Sugar What Everyone Needs to Know

No Sugar!.. But we need sugar?! Glucose, fructose, sucrose.. Monosaccharide, …

Melatonin Vit D & Immune System

Join Dr. Patrick Flynn as he dives into an evaluation …

A Man’s Perspective on Why Women Are So Emotional

Dr. Patrick as he explains why women are so emotional, …

COVID Vaccine – Our Thoughts 2

COVID Vaccine – Our Thoughts 2

COVID Vaccine – Our Thoughts

Going through published literature part 1. My stance is clear …


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