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Q&As: Ovaries, Acne, TSH, Tinnitus, Moles & More! | ADP | July 30, 2022

On this week’s A Different Perspective, Dr. Patrick Flynn starts out with a short video on The Wellness Way approach to inflammation. Then Wellness Way employee, Haley Leroux, shares her tear-jerking story of how her medical doctors wanted to abort one of her twins just because she was smaller. Spoiler alert: It has a happy ending. Then, in the “Perspective” segment, Doc continues last week’s Q&A, responding to questions from ADP viewers. Topics include how to begin a health journey, men vs. women, cosmetics, ovaries, childhood immunizations, teen acne, TSH, tinnitus, moles, and more. Dr. Flynn wraps up the show with his “Last 10%.”
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