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Sleep & Sleep Aids

“If you do not sleep, you can not heal!” Dr. Patrick Flynn discusses the significance of sleep while revealing tons of helpful insight and tips, including his top five supplements to support your sleep! 😴 The supplements listed below may help achieve greater sleep if your testing reveals you are deficient, but please remember they are only intended to support you while you uncover the reasons as to why your body is deficient in the first place! Restoration not Manipulation! 🙌 ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Testing: DUTCH Complete Hormone Panel https://store.thewellnessway.com/dutc…​ Melatonin: https://store.thewellnessway.com/mela…​ Passionflower: https://store.thewellnessway.com/pass…​ California Poppy: https://store.thewellnessway.com/cali…​ Magnesium: https://store.thewellnessway.com/rela…​ Potassium: https://store.thewellnessway.com/pota…​ CBD: 3000 mg: https://store.thewellnessway.com/cbd-…​ CBD:1000 mg: https://store.thewellnessway.com/cbd-…​ Questions? Email us at [email protected]
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